Con Hambre Comes Todo

When I was young, my dad taught my sister and me a little Spanish. Not a lot, but things like counting to twenty, how to say "milk," "spoon," and other household items. One thing we learned to say after a meal was, “ya acabe gracias a Dios.” I still don’t know exactly what it means … Continue reading Con Hambre Comes Todo


Valentine’s Day

I can remember as a kid that Valentine’s Day was always exciting and fun because we would tape paper bags to our desks and exchange Valentine’s Day cards. I was always hopeful for that card which read “Secret Admirer.” However, the older I get, the less I enjoy some holidays. Valentine’s Day is one of … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

Love Jesus, Hate Religion?

Perhaps you’ve seen the bumper stickers or tee-shirts: “It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship.” You may have seen the viral YouTube video of Jefferson Bethke, a 20-something year old member of the Mars Hill Church in St. Auburn, Washington, in which he, in poetic fashion, explains why he hates religion but loves Jesus. I … Continue reading Love Jesus, Hate Religion?