Like a Tree

Kim and I owned our own house while we lived in Arizona. Mesquite trees are popular there, probably because when fully grown they offer much needed shade from the brutal sun overhead. Our house had a couple of mesquites – one up front and two out back. Arizona is known for its very hot weather. But did you know that Arizona has a monsoon season when the skies open up and dump water on the desert? One evening we had one of those cloud-busters with a very strong wind. In fact, “microbursts” of upwards to 80 MPH have been known to blow trees down. Trees like the mesquite we had along our back gate. I am still unsure if it made a sound because I don’t know if anyone was around to hear it, but that is a different discussion for another time.

One of the deacons came over with a chainsaw and helped cut up the fallen tree. It was interesting to note that while the tree was probably around fifteen feet tall, its root system was virtually non-existent. In those dry conditions, since the water tended to pool on the surface, the roots, rather than going deep, stayed near the surface. When that microburst hit that tree – timber! Without a strong root system, it is no wonder the tree came down.

The Psalmist says that when we “delight in the law of the Lord” and “meditate day and night” on God’s law, we are like a tree “planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither” (1.2-3). No, we will not be like a mesquite in the desert without a root system which will blow over when strong winds come. We will have strength and vitality to stand against whatever violent winds this world may blow our direction. Are our roots firmly planted in the Lord’s Word?


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