Guatemala Chronicles #1

In 2014, my wife & I participated in a short-term mission trip to Guatemala to visit with missionaries the church where I was serving at the time supported & to see the work personally. I recorded some of my observations in bulletin articles that ran that summer in the church bulletin. The following is one … Continue reading Guatemala Chronicles #1



“Only God is holy,” declares Scripture (Revelation 15.4). That is, “There is none holy like the LORD” (1 Samuel 2.2). He is the “Holy One,” a phrase used to describe God a myriad of times in the Old Testament. In fact, God’s holiness is the single quality which is used to describe His other attributes: … Continue reading Holiness

A Book Review of “Spirit-Controlled Temperament” by Tim LaHaye

While temperament theory has been a subject of study for millennia, temperament therapy is the new kid on the block, relatively speaking. Since Hippocrates in the fifth century B.C. mankind has known of the temperaments, albeit under a different name and stemming from a fundamentally different understanding of their biological origin. Only in recent history … Continue reading A Book Review of “Spirit-Controlled Temperament” by Tim LaHaye