Dear Santa (2017)

Dear Santa, Well another year has passed and I’ve tried to be a good boy all year. Since you’re coming to town in just a few days I wanted to let you know what I want for Christmas this year. With the new year comes a new theme: Seeing the Unseen in 2018. For me … Continue reading Dear Santa (2017)


If Jesus Had Never Been Born

D. James Kennedy wrote a book entitled What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? In it, he describes all the many and various ways in which Christianity has improved the world. Here is a brief rundown of some of the great improvements the Christian religion has brought to mankind: Hospitals (essentially begun in the Middle … Continue reading If Jesus Had Never Been Born

The Rise of Existential Exercise

Gyms, especially exercises classes, are beginning to function more like churches, according to an article from the Atlantic. As religious affiliation continues to decrease, gyms are becoming popular alternatives where people can find community with ritual. Want to connect with people? Join a Zumba class. Need a spiritual type experience? Hop on a stationary bike … Continue reading The Rise of Existential Exercise