In Constant Prayer

Repeatedly in Scripture we are encouraged to “seek His face” (Psalm 24.6; 27.8; 105.4). The phrase “seek His face” denotes the idea of seeking the presence of God. It is desiring to be where He is. One way in which we can seek God’s face is in prayer. In prayer we commune with God, talking … Continue reading In Constant Prayer


Click, Clack, Clang

[Written April 2015] Last week during the Lord’s Supper I took a moment to listen to us partake of communion. Have you ever noticed the sounds of communion? The metallic click as each member breaks the bread. The plastic clack as the thimble of grape juice is returned to the tray. Even the unexpected clang … Continue reading Click, Clack, Clang

The Rise of Existential Exercise

Gyms, especially exercises classes, are beginning to function more like churches, according to an article from the Atlantic. As religious affiliation continues to decrease, gyms are becoming popular alternatives where people can find community with ritual. Want to connect with people? Join a Zumba class. Need a spiritual type experience? Hop on a stationary bike … Continue reading The Rise of Existential Exercise